GOOD WINDS Marine Services – No 1 on The Local Top of Companies in Constanta


Constanta, 03rd November 2016,

The Local Top of Companies in Constanta – CCINA, XXIII Edition 2016

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This year GOOD WINDS Marine Services is again on top! We were honored with 1st place on The Local Top of Companies in Constanta, a top established by Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Navigation and Agriculture from Constanta on the basis of the economic performances of the companies. It is the 3rd year since GOOD WINDS Marine Services has been performing on the first three places on the podium and now we reached the top. The price means that GOOD WINDS Marine Services is the best company in our field of activity, which is crewing services and crew management.

The founder of GOOD WINDS Marine Services said that this price is recognition of all the efforts and hard work over the last year. “I am proud to have such a good team! I dedicate this price both to my office team and to the officers who sail with us!” – he mentioned. “As our motto says – GOOD WINDS, helping you sail in the right direction – we have sailed well this year too, directly on top!”

Good Winds Marine Services is a company founded in 2012, which is mainly aimed at placing employment and labor, especially maritime officers. The company also offers consulting and specialized maritime courses for seafarers, and assistance for repairing ships. Good Winds Marine Services was partner in the development and completion of two European projects in southern part of the Black Sea coast, The Protection and Rehabilitation of  Romanian Beaches and The Extension of the North Main Breakwater in Constanta Harbour. Our company provides all these services in a certified manner, ISO 9001/2008 and MLC 2006. The promptness and trust that we offer both to our sailors and ship-owners brought us spectacular results in the last three years, with contracts with international well known clients.