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GOOD WINDS Marine Services, an well known recruiting and HR management company in Constanta,  acting last years in maritime field, suppling working force in various sectors, effective 2019 expands and diversify its services on recruiting and placing working force for shore based personnel, North Europe and globally.

The company is developing its new sector in a global network represented by famous and well known business partners, covering in one hand the need of working force, mainly for European countries, one other hand offering employment for personnel searching for jobs abroad, aiming to deliver best practices, legal proof and attractive employment conditions.

GOOD WINDS team comes in support of your activity and takes on the difficult recruitment and personal selection tasks. GOOD WINDS team selects personally and recruits on all categories: usual or special jobs, entry-level, middle-level, seniors and specialists or managers. We know that recruitment can be a costly process in terms of allotted and financial time, and most of the time employers do not have the necessary resources to browse all applications and support all interviews. GOOD WINDS team Recruitment Services bring your company an extra vitality offering you high quality, efficient and timely service. Using the classic methodology of recruiting staff combined with an innovative methodology developed by our specialists, efficiency in recruitment and selection is a very good one. Our company has a database of its own, and the GOOD WINDS team specialists will ensure the compatibility on objective criteria between your requirements and the proposed candidates.

The first point we consider in the recruitment process is to identify the needs and specificity of your company, for concrete and precise collaboration. Another important step is constituted by defining the profiles of the candidates requested by your company. The third important point in the recruitment process is counseling in the process of presenting the personalized employment offer. Although the recruitment process is based primarily on the specificity of your company, the candidates you present are subjected to a complex selection process being extremely carefully evaluated in all respects. The evaluation of candidates takes place from a professional, personal and social point of view. The priority of GOOD WINDS team is to ensure the placement of the labor force that will make the most effective use of selected candidates. We also consider their assessment in terms of a demanding psychological diagnosis, which tests them both individually and collectively. Also testing can be considered: a working sample, various interviews, evaluation of the general culture, examination of the skills of obedience and inter-human interaction, examination of the vocabulary used, coherence and the cursors of speech, evaluation In society, skills to adapt to teamwork.

Our team consultants come to your aid and take over the selection and recruitment tasks of the staff. Benefit from the support of our consultants starting from the first selection and finding the ideal candidate you need. You have many benefits and advantages in appealing to our personnel recruitment consultancy services. One of the major advantages that you redeem is the money and time economy. GOOD WINDS team takes over for you that impressive number of resumes to go and also takes over the tasks of contacting that large number of candidates from which only a small number really correspond to the required criteria. Another advantage that you benefit from is that the GOOD WINDS team database is one of the most consistent and well structured in the Romanian job market, with candidates for both Romanian and foreign citizens. GOOD WINDS team offers you professional and qualitative recruitment and selection services, bundled with advantages and benefits of reducing costs, improving efficiency and performance as well as continuous support during the recruitment process.

GOOD WINDS Marine Services offer and secure:

Professionalism and certified services by top qualified recruitment staff
Zero fees or commission for recruitment, selection and placement of workforce
Offers concrete work solutions in most business domains
Complete solutions and assistance for joining assigned job and/or relocation


  • Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Engine overhaul mechanics
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
How can we help you?

Contact us at the GOOD WINDS Marine Services office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

I am really grateful that I had the opportunity to work in a professional and hardworking team as the one found here at GOOD WINDS Marine Services. During my short but rewarding time as an apprentice here in the office I have gathered knowledge and experience through the guidance and assistance of really dedicated people.

Andreea Stoicescu
Trainee, GOOD WINDS Marine Services

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