The Team

Ana-Maria Ilinca
Ana-Maria Ilinca
Quality Manager
+40 740 570 003
Madalina Savu
Madalina Savu
Marine Personnel Officer
+40 740 570 245
Rauca Livia
Livia Rauca
Crewing Manager
+40 740 570 220
Lacramioara Licarete
+40 241 582 955
Gheauru Vasilica
Vasilica Gheauru
Assistant Manager
+40 787 668 519
Viorica Grosu
Viorica Grosu
Marine Personnel Officer
+40 0755 144 726
Brumaru Mihaela
Mihaela Brumaru
HR Manager
+40 241 585 955
Vladut Alina
Vladut Alina
+40 755 144 727
Lavinia Kivulescu
Lavinia Bozgan
Cruise Department Coordinator
+40 751 268 008
Madalina Reghintovschi
Madalina Reghintovschi
Marine Personnel Officer
+40 755 031 944
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In 2014 I had the chance to be interviewed by one of the Messrs. Goodwinds team professionals, quickly realizing the opportunity to be a part of a great Company with real perspective and comprehensive understanding of daily market changes, that provided me with all necessary assistance for career development and eventual job finding in real time. Really grateful to take the chance and write down this testimonial for Messrs. Goodwinds, a team of professionals that I will recommend to anyone interested in such opportunities as mentioned above and anybody in need of a trustworthy and professional business partner in Maritime Management and Crewing today or in the future.

Hoza Alin Laurentiu
Master, NSB Group

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